Find Your Real Life

(EP - 2015)



(EP - 2018)

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Dub producer from Budapest. He played guitar in different reggae bands before he decided to create the electro-dub project he had been planning for a long time. 

Finally, in 2010, he started to produce his own music influenced by all the great dub artists, no matter if they are playing old or new dub. In the past few years, after releasing albums and remixes all over the world, he had the chance to play his tunes in several countries and meet amazing people. 



Heavy basslines, strict melodies and the fragments of a beautiful Hungarian poem

In these tunes, minimalism, anger and sensitivity work together to guide you to the depth of the soul of DU3normal

Listen and feel free to share if you like it.



DU3normal, artiste de Budabest (Hongrie), nous présente son nouvel Ep intitulé "Find Your Real Life" en téléchargement gratuit sur Marée BASS Productions.
Aujourd'hui, il nous fait l'honneur de sortir, accompagné de la chanteuse Sista Bethsabée, ce nouvel EP disponible également en format cd !